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Michael Davis
Network 13 Head Hooligan

Basketball: Coach, Player, Gym Rat

Coaching at Sewall Crest Park      I grew up a gym rat. My father was a basketball player and a member of the 1954 Milwaukie High School Oregon state champion team. My grandmother was a high school basketball star in Ohio, going on to be named "Miss Ohio Basketball". She then played in the women's professional league for several years. During junior high and high school I attended the UCLA John Wooden basketball camp (1 on 1 champ), the NBA basketball camp (3 on 3 champs), Jack Ramsay basketball camp (camp MVP), Cascade Basketball camp, and was a camp councelor at the San Diego State University youth basketball camp. When I was growing up, I was in the gym for over 10 hours a day during the summertime. Snow and rain couldn't keep me from shooting at the hoop in our driveway. Basketball has been my passion. I love playing it, I love teaching it and I love coaching it.
For the past five years I've been fortunate to be a part of the Cleveland Warrior basketball program as an assistant coach. Head coach Don Emry and JV coach Rick Rier have been wonderful mentors.

Coaching with a 5 year old gym rat in tow can be a challenge...

2010 Team Camp at Gonzaga. Coaches Don Emry, Mark Few, Mike Davis

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