A Brief History Wundergirl Kids Music Production Basketball Farm

Michael Davis
Network 13 Head Hooligan

Farmer, Ranch Hand, Optimist

Some photos from the farm...

Chickens for eggs. Yum.

Bunnies for meat. Yum. Yum.

Ducks too, but the coyotes got them first. Drats.

Goats for milk and meat. Yummmm.

Goat "Lorraine" and P.J. (before horns)

One of our three hogs relaxing in the sun. She is now filling our freezer. Delicious.

Sunset over the barn.

New chix hatchin'.

An early frost across the south pasture.

Our Aussie pup just after we brought him home.

P.J. Hangin' with the goats in the west pasture.

Up close and definitely personal.

Wall Of Shame